Do you want to abseil, bush walk, or canoe this spring?

The Regional Youth Activity Weekend is again being held at Kamilaroi Scout Camp on 24 and 25 October. Youth are able to choose to participate in abseiling (for scouts only), bushwalking (for scouts only), or canoeing (cubs and scouts). These activities are being coordinated by Regional Commissioner Activities Stephanie McColley M: 0414 565 985.  A separate activity notification form exists for each of these activities and you should complete the form for the activity that you want to undertake over the weekend. The forms are attached via the links below for your convenience:

Abseiling (for scouts only): 241015 R YAW Pages 1 & 2 Abseiling

Bushwalking (for scouts only): 241015 R YAW Pages 1 & 2 Bushwalking

Canoeing (for cubs and scouts): 241015 R YAW Pages 1 & 2 Canoeing

This is a self catered camp, so the group will need to organise meals for the weekend, arrange transport to and from the camp, and Armidale leaders will be responsible for supervision of youth from our group when they are not participating in their chosen activity.

Ideally we will organise a catering team of parents and leaders who can attend the weekend and help out with preparing a meal or two for our group. Please let me know if you are interested in attending and providing support in this way. A separate form and fee will be organised by the group to cover transport and catering once numbers are known. For leaders and helpers not participating in an activity, please fill out the following form and include your payment by the closing date (as for cubs or scouts).

Form for supporting leaders and parent helpers: 241015 R YAW Pages 1 & 2 Parent Helpers and Supervising Leaders

Cubs will need to return their form and payment by Tuesday 15 September. Scouts will need to return forms and payment by 16 September. This will allow us to return the forms and fees by the closing date.

Mark Shepheard, Group Leader, 2nd Armidale Scout Group

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